Steel price risk management

Together with our experienced partner LEVMET ( ) we are able to provide to steel producers and customers a new business opportunity:  

Price Risk Management


Let us shortly introduce Levmet

  • Levmet has quickly established itself as one of the market’s leading bulk commodities and base metal trading companies despite a period of global recession and declining commodity prices.

  • The Company is both a physical and futures trader

  • Formed in 2012 by Ashley Levett and today led by Andrew Campbell, the Company is privately owned by management and a group of senior employees. 

  • Levmet employs a conservative approach to our trading and focusses on highly liquid product flows, exploiting low risk arbitrage. 

  • All trading positions are systematically logged, managed and realized through tight risk management systems.

  • Levmet is fully experienced in all hedging methods and execution meaning we can provide a comprehensive hedging strategy to protect against excessive market fluctuations using various options and futures derivative strategies tailored to our counterparty’s needs.

  • Levmet actively manages market exposures on both raw materials and currencies using its expert knowledge of derivative financial products including options, futures and swaps, markets which Levmet actively trades on a daily basis.

  • Our highly experienced team implements hedging strategies for our counterparties, with the aim to achieve optimal price outcomes that can be completely independent of market volatility.

We strongly believe that there is a bright future for hedging steel prices for long term projects, such as off-shore-wind parks, vessel production, etc. This instrument is very useful as well for customers as for integrated steel producers.