Long products

Our product-range includes prime material, over-rolling-quantities and declassified qualities.


Hot rolled bars for machining or forging application, rolled acc. to DIN EN 10060:

Dimensional range: round 20 mm – 210 mm

Steel grades: 100CR6, 100CRMO7, 100CRMNSI6-4, 10S20, 11SMN30, 11SMN37, 11SMNPB30, 11SMNPB37, 11SMNPBBITE30, 11SMNPBBITE37, 11SMNPBTE30, 16MNCR5, 16MNCRB5, 16MNCRPB5, 16MNCRS5, 17B2, 18B2, 18CRMO4, 18CRMOS4, 18CRNIMO7-6, 19MNVS6, 20CRMOS5, 20MNB4, 20MNCR5, 20MNCRB5, 20MNCRMO4, 20MNCRS5, 20NICRMO2-2, 21MN6AL, 21MN6, 22MNB4, 23MNB4, 25CRMO4, 25CRMOS4, 27MNCRS5, 28B2, 30MNB4, 30MNVS6, 32CRB4, 33B2, 33MNCRB5-2, 34CRMOS4, 35S20, 36MN6, 36CRB4, 38B2, 38MNVS6, 38SI7, 38SMN28, 41CR4, 41CRS4, 42CRMO4, 42CRMOS4, 44SMN28, 46S20, 46SPB20, 51CRV4, 55SI7,

C10PB, C15PB, C22PB, C35PB, C45PB, C60PB, C10C, C10E2C, C12D, C15, C15C, C15E, C15R, C18D, C20C, C22E, C22R, C2C, C35, C35E, C35R, C45, C45E, C45R, C4C, C4D, C50E, C50R, C55E, C55R, C60, C60E, C60R, C62D, C66D, C68D, C70D, C72D, C86D, C8C, C9D,

E295, E360GC, P235GH, P250GH, P265GH, P275NH, P295GH, P355GH, P355NH, P460NH, S235J2, S235JRC, S275J0, S275JR, S355J0, S355J2G3, S420N, S420NL, S460N,


Wire rod, in coils, rolled acc. to DIN EN 10017, coil-weight up to 2.500kg

Dimensional range:

round 5 mm – 50 mm
square 16 mm – 34 mm
hexagonal 15 mm – 39 mm

Steel grades:

low-carbon grades, suitable for rebar-production, medium- and high carbon grades for drawing
Purposes, higher grades for forging-, drawing-, pressing- and welding applications


Bright steel

Drawn, stripped, or grinded

Dimensional range:

round 5 mm – 42 mm
square 5 mm – 30 mm
hexagonal 5 mm – 36 mm



Steel grades:

free-cutting steels: 11SMn30, 11SMnPB30, C15Pb-C45Pb, 35S20, 46S20, 35S20Pb, 46S20Pb
hardening steels 16/20MnCrS5, C15
tempered steels: 25/42CrMoS4, C45, CF53
bearing steels: 100Cr6
non-alloyed construction steels: S235/275JR, S355J2


Hot rolled square billets for hot stamping:

Dimensional range: square 50 mm – 300 mm

Steel grades: 16/20MnCr(S)5, 18CrMo4, 15NiCr13, 18CrNiMo7-6, 17CrNi6-6, 18CrMo4; C10E, C10R, C15E/R C35E/R, C45E/R, C40E, C55E/R, C60E/R,C60R, 28Mn6; 37Cr4, 37CrS4, 41Cr4, 41CrS4,25CrMo4, 25CrMoS4, 34CrMo4, 34CrMoS4, 42CrMo4,42CrMoS4, 50CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 30CrNiMo8, 51CrV4, 20MnB5, 30MnB5, 38MnB5, 27MnCrB5-2, 15B28H, 15B30H, 15B37H, 21CrMoV5-7, 14MoV6-3, 30MnVS6), S235JR/J0/J2, S355JR/J0/J2


Forged round bars

Dimensional range: round 170 mm – 850 mm

Steel grades: carbon steel; alloyed steel, bearing steel


Forged squares

Dimensional range: square 70 mm – 620 mm

Steel grades: carbon steel, alloyed steel, bearing steel, tool steel for cold and hot treatment.